Brachypelma cf. verdezi preys on mouse

Brachypelma cf. verdezi preys on mouse

During his recent stay in Guerrero, Mexico Reto was able to find a huge adult female of what we think is Brachypelma verdezi. He spotted the burrow entrance at a roadside roadside embankment a few kilometeres away from the next village. The burrow itself was quite deep with a lenght of 50cm. Probably it’s easier to control the heat within the burrow.

Brachypelma cf verdezi_3

While digging up the burrow he found a big female Brachypelma eating a big mouse inside the burrow. The mouse was almost as big as the around 7cm bodylenght Brachypelma species. Another evidence right from the wild, that some theraphosid spiders indeed prey on little mammals, in this case a mouse.

Futtermaus, Brachypelma cf verdezi 




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