Tue 11, Nov, 2014
USA – Aphonopelma brunnius and A.iviei from central California

This autumn, my girlfriend and I went on a two week vacation to the United States, namely to the state California. We visited several different cities and nationalparks – we had an amazing time! During this trip I really needed to search for tarantulas, since they are very common during this season of the year. It’s mating season in autumn and with a bit of luck you’ll find adult males wandering around in search of females. Our first stop was the Mount Diablo State Park, about an 2 hour drive from San Francisco. We drove all the way to the […]

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Tue 17, Dec, 2013
Nicaragua – big blue Spider

Nicaragua – mostly known for the country on the boarder to the well traveled Costa Rica. Surprisingly many people asked me “Where exactly in Africa is this country?”. I lived in Nicaragua for about 3 months to learn spanish and study the theraphosid fauna of this country together with the local MARENA (Forestry and Wildlife Institute) and the OUMNH (Oxford University Museum of National History). The project is supervised by Dr. Stuart Longhorn Enough said, this article is all about one of the biggest spiders living in Nicaragua. And it’s not just big, it’s blue aswell. But to be fair […]

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