Mon 13, Jan, 2014
Brasil – Theraphosinae in backyard

On our trip to the “Mata Antlantica” – Altantica Rainforest – near Salvador de Bahia we were able to find a brown spider in a hostels backyard. Actually it was just about 30min away from the international airport in Salvador, as we head to head back to switzerland in a couple of days. So after 3 weeks of travelling through Brasil, we decided to rest for the last two days in a hostel close to the airport. The german owner showed us his beautiful garden and he also told us that he eventually got tarantulas coming out of the bromeliads which he bought from a local […]

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Fri 03, Jan, 2014
Brasil – Ischnocolinae on trees!

It was on our first tarantula expedition, in autumn 2008 in Brasil – After hiking for almost 7 hours (our guides got lost…) we decided to rest near a big tree. During this break, we spotted a few webbings on this specific tree. Behind the bark was all kind of webbing from spiders, which we could identify as theraphosid webbing. We were able to find some spiderlings of a tarantula spider, first we both thought about some kind of Tapinauchenius/Psalmopoeus species due it’s coloration and it’s arboreal lifestyle. Later on we found an adult female on the same tree, about […]

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Mon 30, Sep, 2013
Typhochlaena curumim Bertani, 2012
Brasil – colorful arboreals

“Iridopelma seladonium” – or better Typhochlaena seladonium how the species is called now (Bertani 2013 et. al) – is probably the first species which comes to mind when tarantula enthusiast think about brasil. And this was our goal aswell, as we decided to take off to our first tarantula expedition in 2009 to the atlantic coast in Brasil. Three weeks we spent in this beautiful country and were able to see some amazing wildlife and scenery, but also great people and huge cities. After almost three weeks of searching without any success for arboreal species, such as in that time […]

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