Thu 24, May, 2018
Chile – Grammostola rosea in the nature – with mating footage!

On our recent field-trip to the country of Chile, the team was able to locate several individuals of a tarantula species we know under the name of Grammostola rosea – The Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. What a jewel we found right there! The colors are simply amazing, no post production needed. The red was amazingly intense, something we have never seen in a captive bred specimen back in Europe. For our close encounter, watch our YouTube video on our channel, embedded below.     This species of tarantula digs deep burrows in the ground, as deep as 40cm in length. […]

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Thu 19, Oct, 2017
Ecuador – Avicularia hirschii found in a special retreat!

Adult male in search of females Our team was lucky enough to find this elusive species of the genus Avicularia two times on our trip through Ecuador. First encounter was a mature male wandering the tree trunks at night. Without further webbing found, this male was actively searching for females to mate. Avicularia hirschii vs. Avicularia lynnae Avicularia hirschii is easily recognizable by its black stripe along its opisthsoma in juvenile specimens and adult males and females. With the newly described Avicularia lynnae, things are getting a little bit more complicated regarding this unique optical feature of the species of […]

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Fri 13, Oct, 2017
Ecuador – Tarantula Diversity at its finest! Acanthoscurria sp. in the Amazon

Wandering through lush jungle, hiking up mountains 4000 meters above sea level – all this within two weeks of time during a dedicated fieldtrip to the north western south american country, Ecuador. The beauty of its landscape and the friendliness of its people is so far one of highlights of all time. At this point, we do not want to tell how many tarantula species we have encountered during the trip, but I can tell you – it was a awful lot.   Acanthoscurria is in need of a revision The first blogpost of the series we want to start with […]

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Sun 12, Apr, 2015
Panama – Sphaerobothria hoffmanni and “Crypsidromus”

Panama is one of the most diverse countries in the world, atleast flora and fauna wise. Due the fact that that it’s part of the landbridge which puts North and South America together, many species from both continents appear in Panama. On our trip to Panama we managed to find a specimen of Sphaerobothria hoffmanni, a theraphosid spider native to Costa Rica. This find was the first record of this monotypic genus in Panama and lead to an article in the Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society. Next to the burrow of the Sphaerobothria hoffmanni we were able to find a […]

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Wed 15, Oct, 2014
Argentina – A new species from Salta! Hapalotremus martinorum sp. nov.

In April 2011, Pato Cavallo, Martin Gamache and myself, Martin Hüsser, made a short trip through the north of Argentina. During this trip we were able to find a new species which now is described and got finally a name. Hapalotremus martinorum sp. nov. (Cavallo et al. 2014) is the name of this beautiful terrestrial species which reminds in it’s appereance a bit of a species from the Cyriocosmus sellatus – complex. After a few days in the Yungas and then a few days searching for Grammostola high up in the mountains we decided to set camp for one last time before […]

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Sun 09, Feb, 2014
Thailand – Ornithoctonus species in South Thailand

Reto Ehrler visited the Khao Sok Nationalpark in southern Thailand for one week. During his daily walks through the rainforest, he managed to find several specimens of a Ornithoctonus species. He was able to find over 20 burrows in the road embarkements of the trail. As he was in a nationalpark, he had no chance to digg a specimen out. It’s prohibited and the rangers were very strict about it. Some of the specimens dug their burrow through big leafes, so their entrance was in the middle of that big leaf. The burrows are nicely camouflaged and might be a […]

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Mon 13, Jan, 2014
Brasil – Theraphosinae in backyard

On our trip to the “Mata Antlantica” – Altantica Rainforest – near Salvador de Bahia we were able to find a brown spider in a hostels backyard. Actually it was just about 30min away from the international airport in Salvador, as we head to head back to switzerland in a couple of days. So after 3 weeks of travelling through Brasil, we decided to rest for the last two days in a hostel close to the airport. The german owner showed us his beautiful garden and he also told us that he eventually got tarantulas coming out of the bromeliads which he bought from a local […]

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Fri 03, Jan, 2014
Brasil – Ischnocolinae on trees!

It was on our first tarantula expedition, in autumn 2008 in Brasil – After hiking for almost 7 hours (our guides got lost…) we decided to rest near a big tree. During this break, we spotted a few webbings on this specific tree. Behind the bark was all kind of webbing from spiders, which we could identify as theraphosid webbing. We were able to find some spiderlings of a tarantula spider, first we both thought about some kind of Tapinauchenius/Psalmopoeus species due it’s coloration and it’s arboreal lifestyle. Later on we found an adult female on the same tree, about […]

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Fri 27, Dec, 2013
Argentina – special days in the Yungas

Subtropical, mountainous primary rainforest – that’s what the Argentinians and Bolivians call the Yungas. It’s a special climate zone with a huge biodiversity, nothing I have seen before. It’s get as cold as 8 degree celsius at night but the vegetation looks like tropical rainforest, just slightly different and of course the air is much cooler. There is always the picture in peoples mind about tarantulas only occur in tropical regions, like brazilian rainforest or some deep forest in Thailand, the Yungas showed me that our beloved theraphosid spiders are very adaptable and made it to colder regions on earth […]

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