Tue 17, Dec, 2013
Nicaragua – big blue Spider

Nicaragua – mostly known for the country on the boarder to the well traveled Costa Rica. Surprisingly many people asked me “Where exactly in Africa is this country?”. I lived in Nicaragua for about 3 months to learn spanish and study the theraphosid fauna of this country together with the local MARENA (Forestry and Wildlife Institute) and the OUMNH (Oxford University Museum of National History). The project is supervised by Dr. Stuart Longhorn Enough said, this article is all about one of the biggest spiders living in Nicaragua. And it’s not just big, it’s blue aswell. But to be fair […]

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Tue 01, Oct, 2013
Nicaragua – Orange beauty and brown bitey spiders

We spent couple of days near the lake Managua in search for the juwel of this beautiful country. Davus ruficeps (ex. Metriopelma zebratum is the name of this little but extremely colorful dwarf tarantula. This species builds burrow underneath rocks and rotten logs. The burrows are usually completely covered with silk, but sadly not a the main entrance. This species is hard to find, as habitat destruction is a big problem within Nicaragua (and the whole world of course…). We found Davus ruficeps only in primary forest in a good ecosystem with less population. In the future we will see how big the […]

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