Fri 05, Sep, 2014
Colombia – Beautiful yellow & blue Pseudhapalopus tarantula

This time, Reto found a beautiful colored theraphosid species in the state of Boyaca, Colombia. This species was easily spottable during the night hikes along the street. Due the fact they were really hungry, Reto was able to tickle all of them out for a little photoshoot. The blue spot on it’s opisthosoma is remarkable, even though it has been seen on a similar species, called Pseudhapalopus sp. blue occuring in Colombia aswell. This species has a prominent yellow carpax, but apart of that it looks pretty similar to the Pseudhapalopus already known. We therefore think this might be a […]

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Mon 13, Jan, 2014
Brasil – Theraphosinae in backyard

On our trip to the “Mata Antlantica” – Altantica Rainforest – near Salvador de Bahia we were able to find a brown spider in a hostels backyard. Actually it was just about 30min away from the international airport in Salvador, as we head to head back to switzerland in a couple of days. So after 3 weeks of travelling through Brasil, we decided to rest for the last two days in a hostel close to the airport. The german owner showed us his beautiful garden and he also told us that he eventually got tarantulas coming out of the bromeliads which he bought from a local […]

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