Sun 22, Dec, 2013
Panama – Up in the mountains

We spent a couple of days in the mountainous area up to 1650 meters above sea level, just on our way to the Caribbean side of Panama. The climate in this high altitude was pretty different, much colder but a lot wetter than the pacific coast. We stayed for a few days in a nicely build and remote Hostel in this forest area, the up steep was pretty difficult with all the luggage but definitely worth it. The vegetation was so pretty, dense and just green – a really nice piece of primary rainforest here in Panama. During the day […]

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Tue 01, Oct, 2013
Panama – Land of Giants

Sericopelma – that’s the genus of the big black or brown hairy spiders called you will find all over Panama, mostly in roadside embankments but as well on one of the locals bean field. In this post we proudly present you some of the nicest Sericopelma species we found during our two week stay. The coloration variety is big but so far we did not managed to determine the spiders to species level, which means we just call them Sericopelma sp. “location”. Enjoy the pictures!

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