Thu 01, Nov, 2018
Cobalt Blue Tarantula | Haplopelma lividum from Thailand

The team is in search for the Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Haplopelma lividum, in the central region of Thailand. Watch the team finding male and female tarantula specimens of this nicely blue colored tarantula species from the genus Haplopelma. We certainly had a great time finding this outstanding species and we were really happy to have find this tarantula in such great conditions. This species of tarantula is known to be quite defensive when kept in captivity. Due to illegal poaching please make sure to only obtain captive bred spiderlings of trusted breeders, don’t buy adults of the Cobalt Blue Tarantula […]

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Sat 08, Nov, 2014
Thailand – Lonely Chilobrachys sp. Khao Sam Roi Yot

In March 2014, we were able to travel to Thailand for three weeks. On our way from Bangkok to southern Thailand, we stopped near a forest and looked for the typical Chilobrachys burrows in the ground and roadside embarkements. Luckily we spotted one big hole within several minutes. Because it was so easy to find, we thought that there must be more – and so we continued searching in the whole area for other Chilobrachys burrows. After a couple hours of searching, we decided to go back to the first burrow and see whats in there.             […]

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Sun 09, Feb, 2014
Thailand – Ornithoctonus species in South Thailand

Reto Ehrler visited the Khao Sok Nationalpark in southern Thailand for one week. During his daily walks through the rainforest, he managed to find several specimens of a Ornithoctonus species. He was able to find over 20 burrows in the road embarkements of the trail. As he was in a nationalpark, he had no chance to digg a specimen out. It’s prohibited and the rangers were very strict about it. Some of the specimens dug their burrow through big leafes, so their entrance was in the middle of that big leaf. The burrows are nicely camouflaged and might be a […]

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