Thu 13, Dec, 2018
Typhochlaena seladonia - adult breeding pair
Typhochlaena seladonia – Breeding the Jewel Tarantula

Typhochlaena seladonia is one of the most beautiful and most sought after tarantula in the world. Period.  This dwarf tarantula with the lifestyle of building trapdoors on trees is truly amazing and unique within the family of Tarantulas (Theraphosidae). In this episode, we visit Andreas Brunner from Germany who is successfully breeding this tarantula species called Typhochlaena seladonia and film the breeding of this species. Due to the success of european breeders, the species behaves very well in captivity and further poaching of this tarantula species in nature is no longer needed. Typhochlaena seladonia is available for everyone who has the necessary cash, since […]

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Mon 30, Sep, 2013
Typhochlaena curumim Bertani, 2012
Brasil – colorful arboreals

“Iridopelma seladonium” – or better Typhochlaena seladonium how the species is called now (Bertani 2013 et. al) – is probably the first species which comes to mind when tarantula enthusiast think about brasil. And this was our goal aswell, as we decided to take off to our first tarantula expedition in 2009 to the atlantic coast in Brasil. Three weeks we spent in this beautiful country and were able to see some amazing wildlife and scenery, but also great people and huge cities. After almost three weeks of searching without any success for arboreal species, such as in that time […]

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