Grammostola cf.chalcothrix in Argentina

Grammostola cf.chalcothrix in Argentina

We found this Grammostola species on our way back from “Los Cardones” NP to Salta Airport. The altitude was about 1500 meters above sea level. Pato discovered an adult female Grammostola chalcothrix of the street while driving the car. He immediatly stopped and we took pictures of the specimen. After we finished photographing, we drove further. Just another few hundreds meter away, an adult male crossed the road. Another photosession started. It was pure luck to find this species, but it came in handy. The adult female had about 5cm bodylenght, the male was a bit smaller. All in all it is a very nice species with a nice contrast in colors and a docile character.


Habitat of Grammostola cf. chalcothrix


Unsafe for atleast some wandering males. The roads to NP “Los Cardones”


Adult female and adult male of the species were found walking on the road, during the day.

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