Cobalt Blue Tarantula | Haplopelma lividum from Thailand

Cobalt Blue Tarantula | Haplopelma lividum from Thailand

The team is in search for the Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Haplopelma lividum, in the central region of Thailand. Watch the team finding male and female tarantula specimens of this nicely blue colored tarantula species from the genus Haplopelma. We certainly had a great time finding this outstanding species and we were really happy to have find this tarantula in such great conditions. This species of tarantula is known to be quite defensive when kept in captivity. Due to illegal poaching please make sure to only obtain captive bred spiderlings of trusted breeders, don’t buy adults of the Cobalt Blue Tarantula for little money, since most of them are from the wild and very fragile. One should provide Haplopelma lividum much ground for digging. They live very defensively and are hardly to be seen. Even if they get out of their tubes, they are quickly gone when they are disturbed. If she has no retreat in distress, she strikes 3-4 times with her front legs before she makes effective use of a bite.

Female Haplopelma lividum in the wild – watch the Cobalt Blue Tarantula showing off its beauty


In this episode we find a male specimen of the Cobalt Blue Tarantula, more precise Haplopelma lividum, in the wild


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