Colombia – Beautiful yellow & blue Pseudhapalopus tarantula

Colombia – Beautiful yellow & blue Pseudhapalopus tarantula

This time, Reto found a beautiful colored theraphosid species in the state of Boyaca, Colombia. This species was easily spottable during the night hikes along the street. Due the fact they were really hungry, Reto was able to tickle all of them out for a little photoshoot.

The blue spot on it’s opisthosoma is remarkable, even though it has been seen on a similar species, called Pseudhapalopus sp. blue occuring in Colombia aswell. This species has a prominent yellow carpax, but apart of that it looks pretty similar to the Pseudhapalopus already known. We therefore think this might be a color variant or the sister species.

The specimens found were all females and had a bodylenght around 3,5cm – so this surely is a dwarf theraphosidae.

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